Your guide to enjoying a long and fulfilling life.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

My new Survival Guide focuses on Senior Living issues such as long term care planning, finance and costs saving tips for seniors, improved longevity through exercise, eating, and healthy lifestyles, legal and political issues, events in the news, and interesting stories and events that can help shine a light on making the most out of your Senior Living years.


What's Inside

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How to Pay for Senior Care

Life Care Funding was the first to pioneer the concept of converting a life insurance policy into a Long Term Care Benefit Plan.

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Easy Ways to Live Healthy

You and your loved ones can live healthier into your golden years with our simple tips for a healthy lifestyle.

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Long-Term Care Info

Whether it's how to afford long term care or just understanding what long term care is, the Survival Guide to Aging has all the knowledge you need to get started.

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From the author

“A Survival Guide to Aging” is the follow up to my first book, “Help on the Way”. In this second book, you will learn about the eight Quality of Life Factors that impact your health and well-being. Among these you will learn how attitude, adaptability, relationships, activities, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mental health all contribute in significant ways to your longevity and quality of life. You will learn strategies for how to improve all these factors no matter what age you are today.

Chris Orestis

Chris Orestis, CSA

Senior Care Advocate and CEO of Life Care Funding

Chris Orestis, CEO of Life Care Funding, is a 19-year veteran of both the insurance and long-term care industries. A former Washington DC lobbyist, he is a nationally known senior care advocate and author of the Amazon best-seller book “Help on the Way”, a legislative expert, featured speaker, columnist and contributor to a number of insurance and long term care industry publications. Chris is a frequent guest about senior issues on national radio programs; and has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Fox Business News, and PBS.

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